The JGraphT library

Release v1.5.0.3.

Python bindings for the JGraphT graph library.

The JGraphT library is a highly efficient graph library, written in Java, containing state-of-the-art graph data-structures as well as a multitude of sophisticated graph algorithms. It has been in development for many years already and is currently used in production both in research and industry.

The Python bindings of JGraphT is a pure python/native package having no dependency on the JVM. During the build process the backend JGraphT library is compiled as a shared library and bundled inside the python package.

Backend version v1.5.0.


The audience of the library is any user who needs to use graphs or networks in their every day work, including engineers and researchers either from the industry or academia.

Why another library?

Well, this is not really a new library. This is just making a library cross boundaries between two different programming worlds.

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